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Article (121) of the Jordanian Constitution states as follows:
Municipal and local council affairs shall be administered by municipal or local councils in accordance with special laws.
Due to the significant role assumed by the municipalities to provide the various services and facilities to the citizens and develop the local communities. Since the outset of The Emirate of TransJordan, Jordan had recognized the municipal role and it was translated into promulgation of the municipal affairs regulatory law in March 1925 and it is valid till the issuance of the new law No 9 of 1938 and No 29 of 1955 whereby the municipal council was considered as the local administration unit in Jordan and given juristic personality or identity of financial and administrative independence. Further laws and regulations describing the responsibilities of the mayor , members and employees and the municipal activities.
The Governing law of the ministry's activities and functions::
1- The by-law of the ministry no 27 of 1976 with revisions. .
2- The law of municipalities no 29 and revision.
3- The regulatory law of the cities , villages and building no 29 of 1960 and subsequent revisions.
4- Allotment law within the municipalities region no 11 of 1968 and the revisions.
5- The craftsmanship and profession law no 16 of 1953 and the relevant revision.
6- The Profession licensing law no 28 of 1999 and revisions.
7- Building & lands taxing law no 11 of 1954 and revisions.
8- The Land acquisition law no 12 of 1987 and revision.
9- The cities reconstruction voluntary organizations law.
10- The Municipal Courts law No 72 – 2001.
11- The Construction law out of the city planning boundaries N0 32 of 1968.
12- The professional offices services fees within the municipal province no 21 of 1985.
13- Rural services and construction law No 27 of 1970.
14- The municipal personnel law No 28 of 2002 .
15- The Municipal street naming and indexing system law No 145 of 1973.
16- The Joint Services Council No 17 of 1983.
17- The road debris and wasted materials sale law No 6 of 1978.
18- The Municipal employees pension and compensation system law No 2 of 1955 and subsequent revisions.
19- The Motors parking fees Law No 68 of 1977.
20- The municipal roads and sidewalks law no 73 of 2003.
21- Vegetable & Fruits Wholesale market law No 47 of 2004 .
22- The Slaughterhouse law No 42 of 1978.
23- The street and moveable kiosks , sale outlets and shaded shops regulatory law No 63 of 2000.
24- The Signboards and ads signs law no 7 of 1986.
25- The Municipal Supplies and works Law No 55 of 1989.
26- Cities and villages Buildings and Planning Law No 19 of 1985 and revisions.
27- The Financial Law of the Municiplaities No 4 of 1955 and revision.
28- The Mayors Law No 45 of 1982.
29- The unified salaries increase and promotion of the municipal Employees No 15 of 1989 and revisions.
30- The Garbage and waste collection fees Law No 1 of 1978 and revision.