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Highlight the role of municipalities as units providing public services,granting them adequate powers and assigning them necessary tasks.
Provision of necessary equipment and machines.
Continuous support to the municipalities to establish productive and service projects that contribute to the enhancement of the financial resources of the municipalities.
Provide the appropriate environment to strengthen the role of municipal councils in the dissemination of culture.
Establish the principle of good governance based on accountability and transparency in the management of municipalities.
Activate the role of the Cities and Villages Development Bank as a specialized financial intermediary for the municipal sector and enable it to grant long term loans in accordance with the principles of banking business.
Enable municipalities to have access to long-term funding sources.
Encourage neighboring municipalities to work together in the provision of services.
Encourage the private sector to implement and manage some municipal activities.
Motivate municipalities to improve their revenue collection capabilities.
Reconsider the mechanism of coordinating the tasks and responsibilities between different local levels to ensure that the municipality role achieve local sustainable development.
Improve and develop database at the municipal level.
Train and qualify the employees of the Ministry, theCities and Villages Development Bank, and the municipalities according to their needs.
Support municipalities to establish slaughterhouses for livestock in all governorates and provinces of the Kingdom.
Develop solid waste landfills of the common services councils and improveits management.
Review the equation of government transfers to municipalities to ensure the equitable distribution of government subsidies to the municipalities in a manner enabling them to provide services at a higher level.