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The Ammonites appeared in Jordan in the year 1250 BC. They lived the Bedouin life and established strong state spanned from Mujib in the south to Zarqa River in the north and from the Desert in the east to Jordan River in the west. Amman was the capital of their kingdom. Due to Amman strategic geographical position, the invaders were greedy and the Ammonites Kingdom exposed to invasion and destruction, but it recovered from its wounds and restructured its cities. "Tobiah the Ammonite" was the last king ruled the Ammonites and his name was associated with the archeology of Iraq al-Amir (Caves of The Prince) and Qasr Al-Abd, ("Palace of the Servant") in WadiAl-Seer (Valley of the Orchards). After the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC, his dynasty disappeared. Syria was ruled by the Seleucids and the Ptolemaic ruled Egypt, Palestine and Jordan. During the reign of Ptolemy II Philadelphus(285-247 BC), Amman was renamed to Philadelphia and began to enjoy the Greek civilization.
The Nabataeans , whose state located in South of Jordan, became a superpower and soon wanted to expand to protect the trade ways. The Nabataean armies occupied the North Region of Jordan and the South Region of Syria in 90 BC and Amman became under the Nabataean rule.
In 63 BC, the city of Amman was annexed after being occupied by the Romans to the Ten Decapolis Cities. The Arab boycott was established on March 22, 106 AD after the NabataeanDynasty vanished. Amman began to enjoy peace and stability. The beautiful streets, the Roman Theatre, the Temple, the baths, the Market and the horse racecourse were built, and its castle rose between magnificent stone walls with a tower at each corner to protect it. In 114, the road between Bosra and Amman crossing Jerash was competed. Then the Byzantine empires emerged, where the churches were built and enjoyed a period of Christian religious activity.
The Umayyad Companion YazidibnAbiSufyan captured the city of Amman in 636 AD. The Umayyad took care of Amman and built homes and palaces in the desert. The Abbasids transferred their capital to Iraq and Amman was neglected and hit by earthquakes and forgotten until Burckhardt visited it in 1812.

Municipals | Municipals of Capital Government

Municipal Name Count of Regions
Municipality of Sahab 1
Municipality of Sahab 2
Municipality of Muwaqqar 13
Municipality of Um Al Rasat Al Jadida 5
New Giza Municipality 3
Municipality of Naour 3
Municipality of Hasban 1
Municipality of Amreya