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Municipals | Al Zarqa Government

The city of Zarqa is the second city of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan after the capital Amman in terms of general economic activity, and it is the hub of Zarqa Governorate.
Zarqa is situated 20 kilometers northeast of Amman. It is characterized by its middle geographical location between the cities of the Kingdom and it has an international transport network linking Jordan with the neighboring countries.
The area of Zarqa is 60 square kilometers. It has a dry desert climate in summer and low rainy season in winter. It has the basic services infrastructure, so it is the industrial capital of Jordan where it has a wide range of industries and is always an attraction center for people from all over the Kingdom. It is the city of the powerful productive soldiers.
Zarqa Municipality was established in 1348 AH corresponding to 1928 AD. Its first municipal council composed of five members headed by the Late Baha'uddin Abdullah.
The history of this city dates back to the Roman era. The castle of Shbib Palace was built on its ruins. The outskirts of Zarqa have some archaeological sites such as Alalouq, a Byzantine city 26 kilometers west of Zarqa, and Kherbit As-Samra, north of Zarqa, where the ruins indicate that they existed in the fifth century AD. Basalt stones with Greek and Syriac writings were found in it, Qasr al Hallabat, located 31 km from Zarqa on the road leading to Al-Mafraq, and finally Hammamas- Sarah Palace which is about six kilometers east of Qasr al Hallabat built by the Umayyads and recently renovated by the Department of Antiquities.

Municipals | Municipals of Al Zarka

Municipal Name Count of Regions
Municipality of Zarqa 1
Municipality of Rusaifa 1
New Hashemite Municipality 4
New Municipality of Berin 8
Municipality of Thelil 1
Municipality of Halabat 1
Al Azraq Municipality 4