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Ajloun is located in the vicinity of Jerash. It is famous for its historical Qa'latar-Rabad (the castle of the faubourg) which attracts large numbers of visitors because of its historical value. It was built by Izz al-Din Usama bin Munqidh, one of Salah al-Din leaders between 1148 and 1185 to witness Crusader expansion and maintain transportation routes with Damascus and North Syria.
The mountain on which the Castle was erected is known as Mount Auf, after Bani Auf of which a tribe settled in this Mount during the era of the Fatimids. The name of the city goes back to a monk who lived in an old monastery in the area.
The castle has a square geometrical shape and has four towers; each tower consists of two stories. The two towers to the right of the current entrance of the castle were added after the Battle of Hattin, and the trench surrounding the castle was dug as a defense line.
The large water tank is located to the left of the entrance, and there are other five water tanks inside the castle, which have various interior buildings, lounges and rooms.
In addition, to the castle, Ajloun is characterized by its natural beauty, large forests, wonderful summer weather, abundant olive products and all kinds of vegetables and fruits.
The visitor can drive to Ajloun by his own car or tourist car, and it can be reached by public buses between Amman and Ajloun that take off from the Abdali in the center of the Capital and transport the passengers for low fares.

Municipals | Municipals of Ajloun

Municipal Name Count of Regions
Greater Ajloun Municipality 5
Municipality of New Kfarnja 2
Municipality of Al Junaid 3
Municipality of Shifa 3
Municipality of El Ayoun 4