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Municipals | Al Mafraq Government

Mafraq Governorate covers the second largest area in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan after Ma'an Governorate. It is located in the northeastern part of the Kingdom. It connects the Kingdom with Iraq in the east through Al-Karama Borders and with the Arab Republic of Syria in the north through Jaber Borders.
Its name was formerly Al-Fadain and contains many archaeological areas, most notably Um Al-Jemal. It is desert in nature, rich with groundwater, and supplies the Kingdom with vegetable crops and livestock.
It is rich with olive oil in the west. Its capital is Mafraq.

Municipals | Municipals of Al Mafraq

Municipal Name Count of Regions
Greater Mafraq Municipality 5
New Rehab Municipality 3
New Balamah Municipality 5
New Hoshah Municipality 3
Municipality of Manshiyet Bani Hassan 3
Municipality of Khalidiya 1
Municipality of Basileya 2
Municipality of Zaatari and Manshiya 2
Municipality of Sarhan 4
Municipality of Prince Hussein bin Abdullah 4
Municipality of Umm Al-Gamal Al-Jadedah 4
Municipality of Subha and Dufaynah 3
Municipality of Umm al-Qattain and Mkaytfeh 2
New Deir Al Kahf Municipality 3
Municipality of the new Ruweished 3
Municipality of Salhia and Naifah 2
Municipality of Bani Hashim -
Municipality of Safawi -