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It is located 33 kilometers south of the city of Amman, and about 774 meters high. The word Ma'adaba is Aramaic (Syriac). The city of Ma'adaba is rich with the fertile soil and despite the discovery of the remnants, much is still remain buried in its depths.
The history of this city dates back to the Iron Age I (1200-1160) BC, evidenced by the discovery of a tomb near the hill that dates back to that era.
In the twelfth century BC, Ma'adaba was a Moabite city until the Amorites seized and burned it.
Then the city was ruled in the ninth century BC by a king named Misha, who made Thiban his capital, and expelled the invaders and rebuilt the cities.

Municipals | Municipals of Ma'adaba

Municipal Name Count of Regions
Greater Madaba Municipality 6
New Municipality of Theban 3
Municipality of Lib & Melih 2
Municipality of Jabal Bani Hamida 1