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Municipals | Al Tafeela Government

It is one of the governorates of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Jordan). It has Dana Reserve which is one of the most important reserves in the Middle East. The governorate is located in the southern part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and is about 180 km from the capital Amman.
Tafileh is one of the oldest populated areas. It was inhabited by many nations: beginning with the Edoms where Busira was the capital of their kingdom. The region was then ruled by the Nabataeanuntil the Romans came and the region joined the Islamic rule after the battle of Muta and Yarmouk.
There are many historical, archaeological and religious sites in Tafileh Governorate:
Busira Castle: from the Edomiteera. .
Tafileh Castle: from the Ottoman era. .
The place of the great companion Hareth bin OmairAzadi. .
Farwa Al-Juthami Tomb Afra mineral baths. .
Dana Natural Reserve. .

Municipals | Municipals of Al Tafeela

Municipal Name Count of Regions
Greater Tafileh Municipality ا4
Municipality of Harith Ben Omair 2
Municipality of Qadisiyah 3
Municipality of Al Hasa 2