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It is about 216 km south of Amman. In spite of being famous historically, no archaeological remains were found in it. The Umayyad built Ma'anwhere they built a facility to the travelers; the city of the people of Shu'aybwhich served as a station for pilgrims with a market. The Hashemites made it a habitat for themselves. Prince Abdullah inhabited it on November 11, 1920, where he was welcomed by its nobles and sheikhs. He arrived four months after the French attack on the Syrian independence.
Ma'an became a gathering for the nation's free people but the Syrians and Iraqis gathered in Amman due to its location in the middle of the region on the one hand and its association with the railway on the other hand made them move to it.

Municipals | Municipals of Ma'an

Municipal Name Count of Regions
Greater Maan Municipality 1
Municipality of Ash'ari 3
Municipality of Jaffer 1
New Husseiniya Municipality 2
Municipality of Shara 2
New Municipality of Shoubak 3
New Municipality of Ayl 4