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It is located in the south of Jordan 330 km from Amman. It gained its name after the rough road leading to it.
Aqaba history dates back to the third century BC. It was a Nabataean city with seaport where the Nabataean trade conveys coming from Egypt and Palestine stopped there before heading to Petra and then to the markets of Sham and Iraq.
During the Byzantine era, this city had its bishop and was blessed with tranquility and prosperity. It was occupied by Arabs and it became of special importance for its location on the road leading to the holy sites in the Hijazi lands. It was then occupied by the Crusaders and remained under their rule until the Ayyubid liberated it and it fell under the Ottoman occupation (1516-1917) who neglected. Traveler Yāqūt said:
"A city on the coast of the ErythraeanSea (Red Sea Today) after the Levant. It was said to be the last Hijaz and the first of the Levant. Abu Zeid said that it is a small city rich with plants.
Al-Qazwiniwrote: "It is a city on the coast of the ErythraeanSea (Red Sea today) after the Levant. The Syrian and Iraqi pilgrims coming by sea gather in it."

Municipals | Municipals of Al Aqaba

Municipal Name Count of Regions
New Municipality of Qweira 5
Municipality of Al Deseh Basin 1
Municipality of Qurayqra & Feenan 1
Municipality of Wadi Araba 1
Municipality of Qatar & Rahma 1