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Ministry | Welcoming Word by the Minister

The Ministry of Local Administration continues its reform of the municipal sector which it started in the last years. The legislative reform has been completed and all legislative amendments have been implemented starting from Municipal Law and the regulations issued thereunder where the municipal elections were conducted in 2016. The Ministry also cooperated with the Independent Election Commission in enforcing this constitutional entitlement which achieved an unprecedented participation and witnessed a remarkable success; these elections witnessed the experience of the local councils for the first time in line with decentralization to ensure all municipal areas have access to services and to achieve the largest participation of local communities as voters, candidates and representatives of all segments of the municipal population.
The Ministry also worked hard with all partners to involve the municipalities in the development so that they can launch productive projects contributing in the creation of employment opportunities and source of funding for municipal funds which contributes to improving the service provided to the citizens. The municipality's work has been computerized and linked electronically to local developments and development requirements to improve the service and documentation enhance performance control and easy access to information, which will save a lot of time and effort to service seekers.
The Ministry is also working on implementing a huge program of corporate capacity building in line with the implementation of decentralization and the promotion of citizens' participation in the decision-making. The programs include all financial, technical, administrative and legislative aspects and enhance partnership with the private sector.
The Ministry of Local Administration, through all its departments and employees, provides all forms of technical and material support and communication with international donors to assist municipalities in the implementation of service and development programs, where we look forward to quantum leap and distinctive addition to this vital sector and to acquire the satisfaction of the citizen and the recipient of the service in general.
We thank all staff of the Ministry for their effort and dedication in the service of our country.... and the visitors of our website ... You are welcomed ... Your participation with us and your communication sharpen the inspiration and pave the way to the Jordan of glory and prosperity.
Wishing we will contribute to the realization of the vision and aspirations of His Majesty King Abdullah II.
Eng. Waleed Al Masri
Minister of Local Administration