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Ministry | Communication Message by The Secretary General - MOMA

The Ministry of Local Administration is one of the most governmental branches in direct contact with the citizens in all areas of our beloved country. It provides its services to all citizens in pursuit of sustainable development based on the integrated relationship between citizen and decision maker. All Ministry's departments study the citizens' service needs and expand the organizational services that pave the way for the integration of the planning process. Therefore, studies of comprehensive plans is only one of the priorities of the Ministry that will achieve justice in the distribution of services and in aligningthe resources and sources of any development process.
In order to achieve a participatory process between the service developer, provider and recipient, the website of the Ministry of Local Administration serves as the Ministry's window to exchange knowledge and monitor expectations that would achieve transparency in performance and outreach the service to all segments of community. Through the website of the Ministry, we aim to highlight the achievements of the Ministry's staff who spare no effort in conveying their experiences and knowledge for the good of the nation and the services of the country.
We welcome queries, questions, comments and complaints concerning this sector through the Ministry's e-mail or through the hotline available around the clock.
We are keen in the Ministry to work in the spirit of teamwork and forward thinking to translatethat the most important principle of the development process sustainability is the principle of participation in decision-making, the broader representation of all segments of community, and to expand the real representation of the reality of community. This requires enhanced capacity and strategic planning based on well-defined and broad-based development objectives. This is achieved through local planning processes that are inherent in enhancing the capacity of local participants in the areas of strategic and participatory planning, implementation and control, and in facilitating investment in local economic development and delivery of services.
Therefore, we endeavor in the Ministry of Local Administration by all staff at all levels to achieve the vision of His Majesty the Leader to achieve comprehensive development and move forward towards achieving decent life opportunities for Jordanian youth and in building which depends on qualified and trained human resources to assume responsibilities.
We thank all staff of the Ministry for their effort and dedication in the service of our country.... and the visitors of our website ... You are welcomed ... Your participation with us and your communication sharpen the inspiration and pave the way to the Jordan of glory and prosperity.
Eng. Basim Al-Tarawneh
Secretary General