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Regional And Local Development Project - RLDP | Objectives

The development objective of the project is to assist the GoJ in promoting regionally balanced local development, principally through municipalities and other ancillary support institutions by:
Improving the equity and adequacy of central-local resource transfers.
Restructuring CVDB to improve its efficiency and diversity its products and services.
Strengthening municipal financial management, revenue generation and service delivery capacity.
Improving regional planning and inter-municipal coordination to take advantage of economies of scale and strategic development opportunities.
To this end, the project will be implemented within a governance framework of increased participation and downward/upward accountability, coupled with increased coverage and quality of municipal service provision particularly in underserved areas.
The main outcome expected from the assistance provided to municipalities would be:
Tangible improvement in the living conditions of the targeted population in the areas covered by the municipal infrastructure and services component. .
Increased revenues from new and existing municipal assets and from central government resource transfers. .
An improved enabling environment for municipalities to perform their responsibilities as effective agents of local development. .