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Ministry | The National Goals

1- Enhance the municipal councils to develop the local community.

2- Upgrade the efficiency of the financial performance of the municipalities and empower them to invest in potential projects.

3- Strengthen the cooperation between the municipal councils and private sector to execute development       investments.

4- Promote the women participation in the local councils.

5- Enhance the role of the Cities & Villages Development Bank (CVDB) in financial restructuring of the municipalities.

6- Build up the institutional & Technical capacity of the ministry , municipalities and CVDB.

7- The Environmental protection and cities greening and landscaping.

8- Promote the municipalities role in the cultural development.

9- Update the accountability and questioning mechanism

10- Upgrade the efficiency level of the governmental services provided to the local community

11- Develop and enhance the efficiency and competency of the public sector performance.

12- Enhance the good governance concept.

13- Contribute to confronting poverty and unemployment.

Ministry | The Strategic Goals

1- Upgrade the financial efficiency of the municipalities.

2- Boost and create the institutional capabilities of the municipal Affairs Sector.

3- Develop and update the legislation of the municipal activities.

4- Enhance the national comprehensive planning of the land usage.

5- Inspire the private sector and the organizations of the civil society to participate with the municipalities to implement and manage the service and developing projects.

6- Make the developing role of the municipalities more effective and proactive