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Ministry | Ministry Tasks

- To set and implement the Strategic Plan for the Ministry.

- To provide the various facilities to the municipalities to enable them to perform their functions and support them in improving the services efficiency.

- To oversee , coach and monitor the financial , administrative and organizational performance of the municipalities and ensure they comply with law , regulations and instructions and conduct the municipal election on timely basis.

- To enhance the institutional capabilities of the sector to the extent that meet the good governance and sustain the developmental role of the municipalities.

- To Manage the financial transactions and arrange with the relevant parties to provide the necessary funding for the programs and projects.

- To Set , develop and implement the legislative , administrative , financial and institutional framework that are effective for the Municipal operations.

- To prepare the regional , organizational and detailed construction plans for the municipalities.

- Review and supervise the infrastructure projects of the municipal councils and develop the designs ,technical specifications and Tender documents.

- Direct the budgets of the municipal and joint services councils to ensure the correlation with the strategic and development plans , assist the councils to prepare these budgets , oversee the implementation and make the assessment.

- Conduct the municipal election on timely basis and follow up the relevant procedures .

- Contribute to build up the institutional capacities of the ministry and CVDB .

- Conduct the inspection and follow up process of the municipal councils activities in financial , administrative and technical terms and guide them to perform their roles in providing services in conformity with the rules , regulations and the relevant plans.

- Contribute to sustain and develop the inhabited clusters that have no municipal councils.

- Develop the regional , structural and detailed construction drawings for all municipalities to achieve the well balanced development.

- Monitor and control the implementation of the regulations , policies and instructions of the municipalities and joint services councils and draw up the regulatory bills of the municipal affairs sector.

- Assist to provide the necessary funding for the development projects that can’t be financed by the municipality budget.

- Empower the municipalities to play the developmental role within the local communities.