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Waste to (positive) Energy

Waste to (positive) Energy

Project Overview:

Waste management recently became one of the main issues in Jordan, especially after the Syrian crises and its massive refugee influx to Jordan. Apart from that, Jordan lacks of integrated waste management systems. For the hosting communities the growing waste amounts and therefore a well functioning waste collecting is one of the most challenging problems.

Recycling initiatives and activities in Jordan including source separation and waste reduction are limited to NGOs and the private sector. Simultaneous more than 80% of the refugees live outside the camps and according to the VAF Welfare model, 86% of Syrian refugee individuals are living below the Jordanian poverty line of 68 JD per capita per month, and are rated as highly or severely vulnerable.

Main Objective:

The project’s overall objective is to establish income-generating opportunities for vulnerable Syrian refugees and host community members through the collection and processing of recyclable MSW.

Project Objectives:

  • Participatory processes for collection and processing of recyclable materials are defined.
  • Participatory processes & income generation concepts, intended to improve the collection and processing of recyclables, are established in 3 municipalities.
  • Awareness campaigns regarding sorting & collection of recyclables as well as health & hygiene are carried out.

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